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Boat detector scripts for Urban Sharks project
# Windows users
See [here](wikis/Step-by-step-guide-for-Windows-users)
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# Step-by-step buide for Windows users
1) Download the attached file 'environment.yml' to your computer
2) Download Anaconda from (make sure to get the Python 3.7 version for Windows)
3) Install Anaconda as described here:
4) Open Anaconda, select 'Environments', then click 'Import'
5) Select the environment.yml file that you downloaded in step 1
6) Click 'Import'
7) Wait a few minutes while the import completes
8) Once the import has completed, a new environment with the name 'env_boat_detector' will appear in the menu to the left. Click the 'Play' button and select 'Open Terminal'. This opens a terminal window.
9) Now you can run the boat detector python scripts with the following commands
(adjust the paths to the settings file and the input data to match your needs)
boat-preproc.exe -c C:\Users\Sarah\settings.json -i C:\Users\Mitch\Data\ -r -v
boat-detect.exe -c C:\Users\Sarah\config_detector.json
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