Commit 9a7c48ad authored by Kim Mortimer's avatar Kim Mortimer
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This is the only meaningful change between working harvest and not

So what's going on?
parent e18db588
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ xmlns:MER="" targetNamespace="https://meridian.cs.dal
<xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="schema/gts/gts.xsd"/>
<xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="schema/gmd/gmd.xsd"/>-->
<xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="schema/srv/srv.xsd"/>
<xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="schema/gml/gml.xsd"/>
<!--<xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="schema/gml/gml.xsd"/>-->
<xs:import namespace="" schemaLocation="schema/gmx/gmx.xsd"/>
<!-- is there too much stuff here? -->
<!-- MCP plugin still uses an include, but adding import for other key namespaces as well, just in case - unsure if strictly necessary -->
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