Commit 6e4361b7 authored by Kim Mortimer's avatar Kim Mortimer
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Add better detection for srsName

parent 4eaa4aeb
......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@
<xsl:for-each select=".//gmd:EX_BoundingPolygon/gmd:polygon/gml:Polygon">
<!-- if it's not in WGS 84 we can't convert to geoJson -->
<xsl:if test="@gml:srsName= 'WGS 84' or @gml:srsName = 'WGS84' or @gml:srsName = '' or not(@gml:srsName)">
<xsl:if test="contains(@srsName, 'WGS 84') or contains(@srsName, 'WGS84') or contains(@srsName, '') or contains(@srsName, '/4326') or not(@gml:srsName)">
<!-- if it's a polygon it has an exterior -->
<!-- initialize geoJson -->
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